Majestic Prince Episode 14: That was quite a fight

Oh looks like Izuru got his level up. That was a very interesting fight...the fact that Jiart also changed the form of his unit means that it's likely a feature of the Wulgaru fighters. The surprise from everyone might suggest that it was an unexpected inheritance from the AHSMBs, though. Well...that may not necessarily be true...Teoria could have triggered it on purpose for all I know.

Another question is whether Izuru is the only one who can do this form change. In most Power Rangers shows, only red is able to make that sort of upgrade to his powers, so it's possible. Anyway, it looks like next week is going to be some recovery time for Izuru...I can only hope they'll explain what happened to him. The title of the episode also suggests that a new operation will be creeping up too, right?

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