Majestic Prince Episode 13: New member?

Wait what? I get a little bit behind and they tack a new member onto the team? Based on the ending, it looks like Ange is going to become a permanent addition to the strikes me as a bit odd that they would add this person that none of the characters even know. I guess the next few episodes will have to be devoted to integrating this guy to the team, because he's a bit of a loose cannon. Also, the ambiguous gender is even giving me trouble...I'm gonna assume guy for now, even though that makes it highly likely that girl is correct.

I'm seeing a setup in my head that's a bit worrying...Ange's strong on his own, but goes a bit crazy in combat. That means there is gonna be some big engagement where he has to work with everyone and the whole "teamwork is awesome" theme is gonna nudge its way in...meh. Oh well, next episode looks like Jiart will show up again. I'm liking the new opening song...the ending, no strong feelings here. The next episode will probably come soon because I was a bit late with this one.

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