The World God Only Knows - Goddess Arc First Impressions

Well, this show is back after quite some time. I dunno why, but I've always enjoyed it. The first half of the show was basically going over some of the stuff that was skipped between the second season and this one...well, some of the girls that were skipped. Wonder if there are any plans to go back and show their stories later. I'd feel bad about the stories they've missed, but they really were going at a sluggish pace.

But yeah...straight to the goddesses arc. As you can see, Kanon is discovered to have one, but she is immediately stabbed by a insurrectionist faction in Hell. Now Keima has to search through all of his past conquests to find another goddess who can heal her (because apparently Diana is too fail to do that). I've always liked the opening songs to this show...dunno why. For some reason, I get the feeling I shouldn't.

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