Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou First Impressions: That was pretty dark

Hmm...not quite what I was hoping, but the show is definitely darker than I was expecting. Looks like we've got some sort of creatures attacking mankind and our main character Akari Taiyou is someone who can fight against them. It looks like the creatures manifest in some sort of alternate dimension after possessing a human. But there's only so much we have to go on...leaving a lot of questions.

What is the origin of these creatures? Why did Akari repeat a day and what was the meaning of the battle that she saw the first time that day occurred? What really killed Akari's mother? This show seems different from the standard in that destroying these evil creatures actually results in real-world ramifications. Actual people are dying...are these girls held responsible for these deaths? Well, the opening song sounds pretty good, so I'm interested.

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