Senki Zesshou Symphogear G First Impressions: Black Hibiki

Similar-ish start to this second season. The live performance interrupted by the Noise attack...I'd also argue that the very first scene is similar, though I've concluded that it's a scene from the past. I'm assuming it's supposed to show the motivation for this new character Maria, who I'm also assuming is this season's Chris.

Looks like another evil scientist too...will he continue to pretend to be an ally like last season's evil scientist? Either way, it's a dark Gungnir...which raises some questions. Could be a piece of Gungnir that was always around and Kanade's influence is returning...or a synthetic Gungnir (though making it black was kinda tacky, Mr. Evil Scientist). Music of this season is similar style...I only really liked one song from the first season...maybe two.

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