Rozen Maiden (2013) First Impressions: At least I don't have to deal with Hina-Ichigo, right?

Alright, I have decided to enter this show as one who hasn't seen the original series (well, past like episode 2). Based on what I'm seeing, I'm not alone in this...I guess it's a pretty old show. Basic gist is the show's about a bunch of dolls that fight to become human in the Alice Game. Stuff moves pretty fast in this first episode...the battles seemed rushed...almost like they're trying to get them out of the way...meaning they're probably just a setup.

Opening theme is ALI PROJECT, who did the openings for the original series. They have some decent songs, but I'm not a huge fan of their style...or of this song. The ending song is much more mellow...not bad. Anyway, what's up with this totally random character in the preview? Looks like he's some sort of doll enthusiast.

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