Danganronpa First Impressions: I'm pretty sure one of those characters is a trap

Well, I thought this show looked interesting coming into this season. Basically, it's a bunch of kids trapped in a school and they can only be released if they kill someone. It's weird that this would be classified as a mystery show, though...if one of the students kills another, then it would be very obvious who the culprit is because that person would be allowed to leave. That means that the show is probably going to focus on Monokuma pressuring all of the students to their limits while they, in turn, try to get to Monokuma to stop him.

The opening theme has a pretty cool tune to it...fits the show. The ending sounds pretty cool...the warping of the voice is weird at the start, but it's only temporary.

I had a hard time taking this show seriously...it feels pretty goofy for the most part. Will they even choose to kill someone? So far, I'm not getting that sense. If anything, I would think that the Maizono girl would be the easiest for Monokuma to pressure and turn to his side, but she can't really die because she has to serve as a counter to the other girl, Kirigiri Kyouko. In a nutshell, I find this show intriguing, but very worrying based on the first episode.

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