Valvrave the Liberator Final Episode (12): A weapon that hacks the enemy? Cool!

Yeah...when I heard about the second season, I suspected this season would end on a cliffhanger. What a nuisance. And it looks like Akira will be the final Valvrave pilot...I considered her earlier on, but forgot for some reason. Just how many Valvraves are there? I thought it would stop at 6. The unit 2 that Cain took accounts for that, but why does the preview have L-Elf saying something about another pilot? I still insist that he shouldn't have a Valvrave...

So what exactly are these beings that are being thrown into the Valvrave suits? Are they some sort of extraterrestrial life or are they just AIs? They seem to have human-like associations (the girl called the other one "brother")...that doesn't really indicate one or the other, though. Basically nothing is resolved in this "final episode"'s like the first season was just choosing the pilots.

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