Space Brothers Episode 62: Tragedy incoming

Oh it really going to be Sharon who dies? It makes sense, right? Someone whose death would sadden both Mutta and Hibito equally could only be her. But how will she die? Could be some adverse side effect from her research. But that doesn't really fit this type of show...because it would probably invalidate her research if there was some sort of health risk involved. I think it's safe to say we have until her research is brought to fruition before she dies...not a bad assumption, right?

Well, the most used situation in these types of shows would be that she has had the illness for a while now and has just been covering it up. I can see that happening, but her reaction to dropping the phone seems weird...almost like she was surprised. Either way, next week it looks like Serika finally gets to meet Sharon...maybe she'll share with us what's going on.

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