Date A Live Episode 11: Race against the clock Shido doing a repeat of his three dates at once experience? This guy is nuts. Anyway, time is running out for Kotori...but naturally, Shido knows something about her powers that no one else does. If only he could just remember it. Convenient amnesia can be pretty inconvenient sometimes, right? Random side note: that suit is supposed to be a single unit with the power of an entire AST squad, right? Isn't an entire AST square pretty weak?

So everything comes down to the last episode next week. Kurumi seems to have basically been forgotten...Kotori still needs to be resolved. Origami still has to fight her and it looks from the preview like Tohka and Yoshino will be helping. And it will probably end with Shido stopping Kotori's rampage at the last second. Are we done yet?

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