Devil Survivor 2 Episode 11: Sounds like someone wants his new game+

Aww...I wanted to see Kano beat Trumpeter up with laptops. But man...people dropped like flies in this episode. It took all of five minutes to kill those four people. It's really sad...I liked people like Kano and Airi in the game...Io and Daichi were too balanced in stats to be useful. Also, Jack Frost is supposed to be the strongest demon? Isn't he stupid weak in the game? To be fair, it is a dark version of Jack Frost, so I dunno.

So humanity has survived the seven days and have earned the right to meet Polaris. But there are conflicting ideals here and Alcor is here to resolve it. Will Yamato die to protect his meritocracy or will Hibiki convince him otherwise? It could really go either way, but Daichi's ending definitely looks most likely right now based on what I've heard about it.

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