Valvrave the Liberator Episode 9: Blue is always the best

Oh dang...not one, but two more pilots. Both the punk kid and the revenge kid got their own suits. All according to L-Elf's plan, it seems. While Thunder's suit is decent, I think the blue suit is the coolest I've seen by far (green one was terrible). If I had to use one, I'd definitely go blue. Also, I stand by my belief that L-Elf won't have a suit. But who will get it, then? Shoko?

Well, at least it's not just a bunch of random kids who happened to get the Valvraves. I was wondering when the genetic engineering aspect of Gundam SEED was gonna show up. It also seems like half-mask guy on the Dorssian side is also part of the experiment. So what's going to happen to the last suit? And it seems like Haruto might be suffering some adverse effects...maybe he needs to drink some blood.

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