Devil Survivor 2 Episode 9: Who else is surprised no one died this week?

Wow...they must really be speeding things up. Alioth's battle was basically nothing...they didn't even fight the core...just obliterated it in an instant. And come on...Kama's interaction with Airi was hilarious, but they just bound him up. Shiva didn't even really have a reason to least it's retaliation in the game. And no sexy Airi...sigh...

So there are two days left? Based on interactions between Alcor and Hibiki, his ending is starting to look like the only option. They've set Yamato up as an antagonist...I suspect they have to "defeat" his ending. But...does that come with reviving everyone in the end? Io brought it up this week, meaning the card is on the table. Speaking of which, it's her turn now to summon Lugh. Will they actually sacrifice her? Characters are dying...she could be next...

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