Majestic Prince Episode 8: Giant mecha fights go!

Man...what is this giant scale battle operation that seems so much like a final battle? Oh well, it looks like it was Asagi's moment to shine...I mean, Team Rabbits as a whole, but I'd argue mostly Asagi. He seems to be a more effective leader than Izuru when he's not clutching his stomach. Izuru seems much more flashy and less efficient.

Anyway, it's pretty clear what Izuru noticed about he knows his enemies may be human or something close to human and he also has to be suspicious of that one girl we don't know much about. But why did Jiart react in a similar way? I find it hard to believe he was led to believe the same about why was he so shocked about Izuru? Maybe we'll find out next time when Izuru gets his chat with the mystery girl.

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