Valvrave the Liberator Episode 7: Is L-Elf an ally already?

It looks like L-Elf doesn't want to return to Dorssia's side even if they offer to forgive him. Of course, there's the possibility that he can predict that they would dispose of him if he did. But the more likely scenario is that he actually has a grudge against them linked to the photo of the girl he has in his pocket. And now he's using Haruto to orchestrate his revenge.

I'm really doubting that L-Elf pilots one of the Valvraves. It's likely that the student council president guy will, though...out of some form of resentment. Either him or the guy who found the dead girl this week (he would do it out of vengeance, probably). What was that scene at the start of the episode? It looked like it was the future...but why does it show Rukino and what are we supposed to see?

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