Valvrave the Liberator Episode 6

Trying to branch off, huh? So another vampire has been was a whole new suit after all. This of course means that there are five in total and three more people will be converted. My vote goes to punk kid for candidate...the high-and-mighty girl too. Not sure who the last one will be...the engineer? Or L-Elf? He doesn't seem to need it, though. I highly doubt it will be Shouko.

Figaro died pretty quickly and easily...made me chuckle. Well, at least now Haruto has someone else who has become a monster...he can start his recovery back to humanity. So is Haruto's Valvrave supposed to be balanced while Rukino's focuses on mobility? Anyway, more Dorssia fights next week, I guess...I can't tell all that much from the preview.

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