Devil Survivor 2 Episode 6: Phecda Down!

So Yamato decided to save Hibiki from his death his ending has become more likely than Ronaldo's. At the very least, he probably will become a future ally. And he can just overwrite abilities? Why couldn't he do this in the game? Here I am wasting my time with fancy fusions and spending money on Mitamas and all he had to do was edit them himself.

Either way, that's another Septentrion down...only four more left. For the time being, it seems as though Airi and Jungo have managed to stay alive, but they have a lot of other characters that could die in their place (looking at you, Otome). Has Hibiki's speech finally ended the cycle of side character death or will they keep going until only one remains? Not sure I like how Hibiki has turned out as a voiced voiceless protagonist.

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