Devil Survivor 2 Episode 3: Wait, what just happened?

Interesting...most things are the same, but they're changing up some things in this adaptation. They introduced Kujo earlier (I still haven't met her in game yet). Also, we haven't met Joe yet...what the heck, man? I think he's in the opening and ending themes, though. Unfortunately, the battle against Fumi is the last thing I've done in the game, so I don't know what's next.

Most importantly, we have this deal with Keita's death, a playable character in the game. Does this mean he's really alive? Or are they actually getting rid of a major character that appears in both opening and ending in the same episode he's introduced. I find that strange. I understand that the show's short, so they can't go into his back story, but he doesn't have to be killed for it, right? Anyway, we're finally gonna meet mystery kid next week?

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