First Impressions: The Five-Minute Shorts Version: Aiura and Sparrow's Hotel

I'm a little off this week because of poor planning...posting will be spread out better next week. Anyway, back on topic...I often watch these shorter shows because they require much less time commitment on my part. Starting off with Aiura. It's actually going through a progression of "girls meet and become friends." Does this mean I'm supposed to expect this show to have a direction? Hardly seems appropriate for a short series. I almost wonder if I prefer shows like this to be this length...I could hardly sit through Yuyushiki after all.

Moving on to Sparrow Hotel. This show is a lot's just as many gags you could get with an assassin working at a hotel. My opinion of people like the assassin girl who are so blatantly stupid should be clear by's not really fun to deal with. Jeez...Kill Me Baby was better than this. This show really wasn't funny at all, sorry to say. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to return to the dungeons to plan out my watch schedule.

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