Devil Survivor 2 First Impressions: I'm Waiting for Some Serious Death

Let me just say that I am super hyped about this show. I love the Shin Megami Tensei series and I played the first Devil Survivor. First off, as a veteran of the first game, I can note some similarities. There's the devil summoning program in the phones, the fact that deaths can be predicted, and the cast has the same distribution of two guys and a girl. It also seems like we have a similar quarantine situation trapping our protagonists. This bodes well...I'm looking forward to it. Similar to the Persona 4 adaptation, the voiceless protagonist has taken quite a lively role (I can't remember if he's supposed to be a typical protagonist from this game).

I'm definitely satisfied with the music in this show. I think the opening is great. The ending is shaky at first, but it picks up. So far, I have no knowledge of the game, but I'm considering playing it so I can make comments on adaptation. It looks interesting. So far, the story looks very similar to the first Devil Survivor, where the main characters use their knowledge of the time of death to save lives. Also, when the main character was summoning Byakko, it seemed like there was someone watching. In the first game, the main character had a brother who was mysteriously watching the whole time...something similar? Seriously...I'm so looking forward to this.

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