Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 23

The big plan is finally in motion. It's a good plan to avoid actually destroying the fleet. I'm curious why Hanemura and Hakaze had to switch...maybe because Hakaze is better able to handle the attack of the fleet? Or maybe that Hanemura can more easily slip past the fleet if he's right next to it. It seems to me like the plan would have worked the other way around too. Perhaps they were conserving his energy...

Anyway, the more important detail is that Yoshino has been shot. No Kusaribe is anywhere close to heal him...will he die? We haven't seen any major characters die yet in this show...odds are he lives somehow. It's odd to think about death in a show revolving so heavily around magic. Considering that this is Mahiro's plan...it seems odd for him to die in such a clumsy way...dunno what to say.

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