Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 22

Preparations for the last mission. Hanemura shows that he's no longer just a wimpy sidekick (he still sorta is)...he can actually think for himself and he's gotten quite a bit stronger in all this time. Not bad for someone who was randomly tacked on halfway through the show...his table flip was superb. Not sure how they plan to win this fight. The tree itself is Hanemura's problem...I'm sure he can handle it just fine...it's getting past the fleet. I assume Yoshino has some devious plan to distract them or subdue them or something.

I'm surprised yet not surprised that he and Mahiro have gone into the frontlines. It's only natural for them to be there, but don't they remember what happened to them with the Tree of Exodus fiasco? They were both nearly killed. Either way, I like their characters...despite the fact that they were thrown into this mess, they give the sense that anyone else who was thrown into it wouldn't have been able to do the same.

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