Robotics;Notes Episode 20

Wow...this is really gearing towards a corny ending. Everyone working together to build the robot of justice to defeat Kimijima Kou...and save the world! I still can't believe that's the only reason for the giant robot. As for Misaki, my brainwash theory is pretty close...blackmail, brainwash...what's the difference?

We have two episodes left for our final confrontation with Kimijima. An episode for fighting against SUMERAGI and an episode to finish him off? My thought is that Misaki will die in the fight, but Akiho's speech makes me think otherwise. I guess the plan is to use the EM device to blast Kimijima and erase his data (deresolution!). I'm holding out for a surprise in the end, but it really looks like cheesy ending is go.

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