Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 17

Hanemura finally said it...the secret is out so easily after all of this time. Everyone except Mahiro should be ashamed for not considering it until now. So will this lower Samon's suspicions or increase them? On the one hand, surely he wouldn't kill his girlfriend...but on the other hand, what if the fact that he was so entangled in this was suspicious? Of course, I have no reason to suspect Yoshino of killing Aika, but Samon doesn't have to think the same.

It also looks like Hakaze might have something to say about this to Yoshino from the looks of the preview. Maybe this jolt will throw her back into her normal self. Preview also seems to suggest a possible confrontation between Mahiro and Yoshino...that should be fun. The preview also showed something I was going to talk about...Hanemura seems to have trouble fighting a tree in it. I was going to say "it can't be interesting for people to watch him just walk up and eliminate trees, right?"

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