Little Busters Episode 17

So...who else is pretty certain Kanata is the real daughter of Saigusa Shou? Why else would they go through all of this? The zero-sum game comment indicates that she wishes that she was labeled the criminal's daughter so that she wouldn't have to be held to such a high standard by the Saigusa family all the time. You know...the classic case of both sides not understanding the other's misery. As a random aside, I choose to think that life is a zero-sum game, but that's probably an entire post of explanation.

Anyway, what is Kanata trying to pull by pretending to be Haruka? Is she simply trying to shake her up more? I didn't even see it coming...made no sense. Anyway, next week, everything should be explained. Can't tell if the daughter thing is too obvious and I'm just being tricked into the wrong answer. Oh the suspicions...

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