Psycho Pass Episode 15

I've always wondered about self-defense. I think that in our current society, self-defense has too vague of a meaning. I personally believe that self-defense is void once you do permanent physical matter what the initial circumstances. I believe that self-defense is simply regaining the advantage mentally by putting fear into the attacker. I's not the most solid argument because I can never know how I'll act until I find myself in the situation, but it irks me when people rush to self-defense to justify themselves so easily.

It's strange...why are they attacking the core of the Sibyl System already? Isn't it still fairly early in the series? That being said, I can't say I'm unhappy that they're trying to get to the heart of Sibyl. I've been wondering exactly what the nature of the system is...I wouldn't be surprised if it's a sham. There also has to be a reason it's all concentrated in one location...maybe it's actually a person? No...but that can't be, right?

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