Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 15

Oh dear god...Hakaze talking about Yoshino...so embarrassing...almost painful to watch. Also, Samon turning into a coward when talking with Hakaze...almost painful to watch. Still funny though. Anyway, nothing really serious happened this week...guess we're still in that preparation phase. The only things were really Jun telling Hakaze she's in love (the balls on this guy) and Megumu showing just what the extent of his power is. With his lack of limitations, it's pretty convincing that he's the Mage of Exodus...still having doubts myself, though.

I wonder what the limits of his power are...even Hakaze needs an offering to use magic. And what's this about him going around in a superhero costume now? What kind of show is this series turning into? I don't even know...Is anything even happening next week either? I really can't see much in the preview. While Mahiro has his doubts, I'm still pretty sure he isn't involved in Aika's death...but seriously, what the heck happened to her? It just seems like they keep making it more and more confounded.

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