Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 15

And the one to help Misaki recover was Mashiro...guess everyone else was too distracted? Sorata didn't even do anything despite Jin's telling him that he didn't reject Misaki...just wanted to better himself before devoting himself to her. I guess he doesn't want the distractions? I suppose that makes's unusual for a character to believe that their feelings will still be the same later. Feelings don't necessarily change, but people may want to move on despite that...especially if you're forced to wait for someone (5 cm per second, anyone?).

Next up is presentation time for Sorata again? The preview doesn't really give too much information to go on...pretty sure it's just Jin babbling on about the person he was staying with over the break. Still seems soon for a presentation, though...unless he fails again. That'd be kinda weird having him fail twice, though...

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