Psycho Pass Episode 13

I kinda expected Akane to be resilient...that's why she would be placed with someone like Kougami who couldn't control himself. But it's kinda suspicious...if I were writing the story, I'd make it so Makishima was actually artificially blocking Sibyl with him and Touma...then he uses that to block Sibyl for Akane, tricking people into thinking she was actually just like him. Since the only cases of beating the Sibyl system are Makishima and someone he was involved with, I still can't say for sure that Makishima isn't faking the condition.

Still, probably more likely is that Akane is supposed to be the only one who can face Makishima because of the way he fights...he has to be beaten by someone who won't be hampered by Sibyl, which would reveal Sibyl's inherent weaknesses...that sort of thing. The final scene also suggests that Makishima was either created by the government or maybe just has a relationship with that particular person (maybe family?). Or maybe Makishima is just a stepping stone on the way to the real opponent...hmm...

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