Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 2

So...Sasami is the former Amaterasu and the faceless brother is the new one (a faceless god...really?). This second episode really didn't do much for wasn't nearly as crazy as the first one. I mean, I assume Sasami is trapped by some inadvertent wish of her brother's...I thought the game might have a recurring theme, but it doesn't seemed to be linked. I guess the show is about keeping Sasami's brother in check? Although this week was a remnant of Sasami's own actions, but maybe for the rest of the show?

Also, I would assume that Sasami doesn't tell her brother about his power (so he could control it like she did) because she's searching for a way to get it back so she wants him to remain unaware of it. It's actually an interesting thing to think about...if everything started going the way you wanted, would you assume you were a god? Even if it were true, I don't think a normal person would ever come to the conclusion unless it was confirmed somehow. Though that begs the question of how Sasami knows...she must have been told by whoever gave her the power? I dunno...oh well, wonder what happens next.

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