Space Brothers Episode 40

Well...that was quite the cliffhanger they left us. I guess they really are going to focus on Hibito for a bit. Quite the dire situation he's gotten into on the moon. I'm curious how it'll end up turning out. On the one hand, this show makes me want to think that Hibito will be able to get Damian out, but on the other hand, I can see they've set up the sacrifice.

Of course, Damian can give Hibito his oxygen in order to keep him alive long enough for the others to save them...but that ensures his own death. Naturally Hibito will try to last as long as he can with what he has remaining, but what happens when it runs out? Will Damian force his hand or will they be saved in the nick of time? I feel like they should both survive, but I dunno...Damian got a really quick background scene...

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