Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 13

Really? Some random new character is the Mage of Exodus? I refuse to accept this. That would give them enough content to continue on for the second half, I suppose, but...seriously? What would be a lot more interesting is if the line from the preview about Yoshino being the Mage of Exodus is true (maybe that other guy is akin to a member of the Kusaribe clan but on the Exodus side). But sadly, I'm sure that was just a bluff.

Also, was the recap episode entirely necessary? It's not like Zetsuen was the only show to go on break over the winter holidays...we don't need to be reminded of everything. Especially after all the speculation I did. It seems like the story has completely changed in this second half. Is it really going to be pockets of resistance? Or something like that to restore the world?

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