Shin Sekai Yori Episode 15

Wow...the bakenuzumi sure work fast...even with the time skip, they've developed a lot. The time skips really have distorted perception of time, though...yeesh. Things aren't looking good for Maria and Mamoru...either they'll live together in exile forever or they'll die together. Personally, I'm running under the theory that the main reason for this whole chase is to get Saki and Satoru away from the if something's going to happen to it while they're gone.

I still think the bakenezumi should be some sort of mentally suppressed humans (of course this doesn't have to be permanent suppression with constant evolution). Wouldn't it be interesting if they developed Cantus? But I feel it's too late for something like that. Looks like next week, Saki manages to find them. But what's going to happen to them from there?

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