Tamako Market First Impressions

It's a bit late, but first episode is here. So...what's up with this weird bird? Sigh...I guess he's there for the "story". And apparently he has projector eyes >.> what is he a robot? Oh well, it gives me something to speculate about, right? Not much there so far, though...assuming he's telling the truth, he's looking for a woman (I assume he'll go for Tamako) for his prince that we saw at the very end of the episode through his projector eyes. I don't suppose there's anything deeper than that, right? Maybe the tension in the show comes from him having to keep it a secret from Tamako, maybe?

The opening song makes me think of the Haruhi opening for some reason...I don't really like listening to those kinds of songs. I think the ending song sounds pretty good, though. The bird aside, I think Tamako's a pretty good character (pretty funny). Probably a reason to keep watching. Not much to talk about in a show like this unless there's actually some mystery or...I dunno. The preview doesn't give me much...hopefully I can figure out what's going on next week...yeesh.

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