Maoyuu Maou Yuusha First Impressions: This is War

War is an ugly thing...but it has always had its uses. I'm no stranger to these ideas...population control, unification under a single ideal, and other stuff like that. But war just makes it sound noble...what truly motivates these things is fear...this is why we unify and this is why we innovate in an effort to win. Call me unpatriotic all you want...I accept this.

I know I'm pretty cynical, but that's basically how this show is introducing itself. I see patriotism as a dangerous thing because it's so easy to fall into this trap of believing our enemies are the ultimate evil (especially so with demons) that we don't stop to consider what they might be trying to do.

Man, this opening song makes me least the ending is better (though it's kinda boring). Time to travel around...I guess I wonder what the nature of the show is. I would assume it's traveling around and seeing the effects of war firsthand...but who is going to be proven wrong? I would assume it's the Demon King because she seems much more idealistic (and hasn't experienced the world).

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