First Impression Short Edition: Boku no Imouto, Yama no Susume, and Mangirl

Definitely too short to cover all of these, but I can do a first impression if it's all of them. I guess I also watched Inferno Cop, but let's not talk about that (facepalms galore). Anyway, first off we have Boku no Imouto wa Osaka Okan. Very simple premise of the boy and his interactions with his sister after she's spent considerable time in Osaka. I found it kinda interesting in information, but lacking in humor if that was the point. I assume the information would get boring with time, but I will likely keep watching on my own.

Yama no Susume seemed pretty silly in premise (it still kinda is...), but I found the episode pretty amusing. I don't really see it going anywhere interesting, but I can keep checking it out. Mangirl, despite its ridiculous name (yes, I know the name probably comes from "manga"), isn't too bad either, but the opening song makes me want to kill myself (it's as bad as Kill Me Baby...). Anyway, the beauty of these shows is that they don't require much commitment of my I will likely keep watching. And Ai Mai Mi...I don't even know what happened in that show.

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