Kokoro Connect Episode 15

Is that it? Iori just doesn't think she deserves friends who only see the exterior she created for them? She needs to get over it. If you are a being without a "true" identity, then just pick the fake that makes you the happiest and stick with it. Who cares if it's the real you or not? Is it really that hard, Iori? That's my take on it...I dunno where this show will decide to go with it. Am I interpreting things incorrectly?

Also, I would think that the reason people would still want to be friends with her even if she changes is that they know she is capable of good. Venting about Iori aside, I'm very worried about Heartseed going around and talking to everyone, then labeling them as uninteresting. It looks a lot like the show will just end with him leaving them behind and just disappearing from their lives. Some may argue that it's better this way, but I wanna know what he really is. Sigh...what's gonna happen?

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