Kokoro Connect Episode 14

So we're finally back with the final(?) arc of this show. Heartseed's new trick is pretty similar to the second one, but more private...and again everything is about Iori. I think she's actually starting to annoy me. I guess I'm more interested in what Heartseed says about the Second from before...I'm still mostly intrigued by the true nature of Heartseed. Is he only doing all of this in order to make himself more interesting to the others? What exactly are they? Are they the same as him or maybe something greater?

I don't really like doing all four episodes at once, so I've decided to split them up. What I'm probably gonna do is do one post for 15 tomorrow and a second post for 16+17. Just a heads up. That aside, how does this arc end? I dunno if the original content goes further than this, which would make this end with everything being the same as always. But if it actually ends, how much do they actually find out about Heartseed? Or do they just end up content with how they've changed from the experience?

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