Little Busters Episode 12

So we've got the full team, but now begins the mystery of Nishizono. The preview and the episode seem to suggest an alternate personality of some opposite of the normal Nishizono, I guess. Other possibilities include a different person altogether (which is a bit unlikely) and just normal Nishizono with some sort of trick. Naturally, these are less likely. Here I was thinking she had a link to the secret that Rin and Riki were trying to uncover. Still a possibility, I guess.

I guess next week will continue on (and possibly finish?) the Nishizono stuff. My speculations are already out, I suppose. When I first saw, I thought the smile looked more sadistic (when Riki noticed her on the street), but the one at the end of the episode seemed normal. I dunno what to suspect. Riki should have just asked her about it when he was brought it up and noticed her reaction...yeesh.

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