Shin Sekai Yori Episode 13

So Mamoru ran away after crazy kidnappings. Anyway, I wonder why he's the target. Is he a threat to become a fiend (my original, but somewhat unlikely, theory)? Or has he simply been determined as too weak to handle the stress that the children have had to endure? There could always be some other reason we don't even know yet (maybe related to what he and Maria saw?).

Do they plan to just hide him out there for the rest of the show? Surely that won't more than likely he is the next to die...or maybe he sparks the children's rebellion in some way. I'm more inclined towards the former...but who knows? Will the cat come for him or will the adults come? Or will he try to go back to the village? I'm also kinda disturbed by how they evaded Saki's suspicion of the bakenezumi (why was it out there?).

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