Shin Sekai Yori Episode 12

Of course, they knew everything the entire time. As I suspected, there's no way the committee was so dense not to know what the children had done and what they had learned. Tomiko also seems to help my suspicion that Shun's case was a special one, something that would have happened even if he hadn't had his power sealed and returned (essentially the idea that turning into a karma demon was related to personality). Still no confirmation yet, but there is a possibility we find out next episode if my suspicions are correct.

I also like the obvious, but not spoken, implication that Saki's ability to tolerate all of the crazy things around her would be used to shield her from the guilt of having to make the brutal decisions that Tomiko has probably had to make (getting rid of people). I'm curious whether Saki picked up on that. Anyway, Mamoru has disappeared...he doesn't seem to fit the mold for a fiend, but maybe that's what they're going for now? They've had to experience a karma demon in the group, so why not a fiend too? Or maybe this is something else entirely. If he's a fiend, then maybe Shun's karma demon stuff wasn't Saki's fault.

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