Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Episode 11

Well this isn't good. It's not right...Rikka is forcing herself too much. She's far too mellow (for example, it's perfectly fine for her to react to the stones that Sanae showed her). If things continue on this way...she might relapse. And Yuuta might end up being okay with it (saying he prefers her that way). Even Shinka doesn't really approve of Yuuta's methods.

If they want to keep things open for another season or something, then the obvious course of action is the relapse...but if they're willing to end the show, then Rikka would likely fuse her normal self with the "energy" of her chuunibyou self, so to speak. There's also that part with Kumin that has me suspicious...did the two talk? What are they keeping from us?

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