Magi Episode 10

Well, that fight was just funny...I expected Judal to be super powerful if he thought he could take on Aladdin, Sinbad, Alibaba, and Morgiana together, but he just kept boasting and immediately getting rocked by Aladdin and Ugo. That guy got completely was kinda hilarious.

But what's going to happen to Ugo? It looks like he's going to die...that would be quite the motivator for Aladdin to lose his friend like that, but it is sort of a weird thing to happen in this show. Looks like next week will show off the real enemy...Judal was only the distraction. They made him look like such an embodiment of evil, but in reality, he's really not much at all. Maybe he's the vanguard for some organization of dark Magi or something.

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