Shin Sekai Yori Episode 11

Man I've always wondered why they weren't bothered by Reiko's disappearance. I suspected something like this...that the memories of her were erased. Like I had said before, they couldn't just explain it with her leaving the village or anything because of how enclosed it was. Sigh...I guess ignorance really is bliss. The truth is so close to everyone and they just reject it, hoping to stick with the status quo. Why don't you want to know? Don't you yearn for the truth? Like Saki...

Mamoru also shows himself to be the most fragile of the group...the most unstable. He's the most likely to break...and the most likely to oppose the group if anything were to happen. It's not that surprising considering his personality up until now. There's no hidden strength to him, just as frail as he seems. But now everyone has been taken to see the head of the committee...could they have been caught? Or will the truth finally be revealed? All part of the plan? What does that mean?

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