Psycho Pass Episode 9

I don't completely agree with that part with the cyborg. While it's true that we rely on electronic devices for much of our daily lives, a cyborg would probably drop dead when hit by an EMP pulse whereas I would be fine...just unable to blog (oh the horror!). It's one of those philosophical arguments trying to be clever, but I argue that it really isn't.

Akane finally stands up to Ginoza, but I guess more importantly, we find out about why he's such a stickler. Curious why his father wasn't saved by the Enforcer system...maybe he was just too far gone. The system still irks me...they may have overdone it with the profiler that they introduced. I get that profiling a criminal involves understanding how they think, but aren't they overplaying that a bit much? I suppose that sort of thing is important for a show about this type of world. Anyway, Makishima still hasn't really revealed his plan...what's gonna happen?

  • Sjcman

    Dec. 7, 2012, 11:56 p.m.

    What's more likely an emp pulse or getting shot? I'm gonna go with the latter.

    Its a valid argument. If everything but your brain and cns was made of machines, you wouldnt really have anything to worry about. You could smoke, eat fast food, etc... without having to worry about health and stress on organs. You could even do most drugs.

    Stare into the abyss and the abyss stares unto you. This is basically the key tenant of Enforcers as all usually end up as Enforcers because they slowly but surely crossed over that line that separates Good from Evil. The more you think like a criminal, the more similar your view becomes to that of a criminal and that will make you cross lines that normally you wouldnt cross because you will rationalize it claiming its for the greater good.

    Kogami pursued a case, profiled Makishima, became obsessed with revenge to the point where he would have murdered Makishima in cold blood (as indicated by his crime coefficient which is basically the level of certainty that a person will commit a criminal act). For Kogami it was no longer about Justice and preserving order and it became about Revenge.

    Akane standing up to Ginoza is a huge point in this episode. The fact that she stands up to him is irrelevant though. The relevent part is how she stands up to him. Remember Kogami neglected his psycho pass and didnt get treatment while pursuing the case and that eventually led to him becoming an Enforcer. We can see Akane traversing the same path slowly but surely. Kogami

    She sees that value in profiling criminals and regardless of the danger or even the necessity pursues this. Why would she need to profile criminals when Enforcers can do it for her as Ginoza said? She is becoming more and more okay with using unconventional methods to solve crimes (see warehouse factory worker, Rikako, etc...). Ginoza realizing this from seeing the path Kogami went down knows that if it continues, Akane will end up the same.

    As for Makishima, he is basically the joker of the series. He has no overall plan. He uses criminals for enjoyment. Something about his psychology is fascinated by the depravity of the world created by the Sybil System. Perhaps the Sybil System eliminated all interest, evolution, and creativity in the world for him and as a result he funds criminals in order attain the high he seeks. Remember the story about Rikako's father. He died because his psycho pass was so well maintained that it could no longer perceive stress. Stress breeds creativity, difference, diversity, passion, and of course inspiration.

    Makishima knows who Kogami is because he remembers killing the Enforcer. As a result, Makishima wants to enjoy a game of cat and mouse with Kogami. He wants to toy with his psychology, push him to the edge, and possibly even transform him into basically a full blow hunting dog/criminal without regard to humanity. However, Makishima's main motivation is the enjoyment he gets from witnessing the depravity of human nature.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 12:32 a.m.

    I have nothing against choosing to become a cyborg. But the argument that humans are already "cyborgs" in a sense because of the electronics they rely on is trying too hard to be clever and I believe it is flawed. That's all. I don't like how smug he was.

    It just seems like such a broken system. Almost like we're denying an area of understanding, of human knowledge just because we're frightened of the consequences. What a way to live.

    I definitely see how Akane is being drawn to repeating Kogami's actions, but like I said earlier, I'm sure that's on purpose to show something different about her that keeps her okay. Whether it's her personality (which Kogami suggests with his confidence in her psycho pass) or just the fact that Kogami is there with her still remains to be seen.

    I can't tell how I feel about Makishima. On the one hand, I agree that allowing humanity to fall into contentment is not what we should be striving for as a race. We need to struggle. On the other hand, he just seems to be off in the head, rather than consciously trying to change things for the better, so I can't quite side with him.


  • Sjcman

    Dec. 8, 2012, 10:47 a.m.

    Makishima isn't conciously trying to change anything and he is off in the head. He is doing this purely for entertainments sake. I compare him to the Joker from the Dark Knight trilogy. He just wants to enjoy the depravity of human nature.

    In a sense though, the argument makes a lot of sense. Take hurricane sandy for instance. People in NY were ready to kill LIPA officials and or government officials because of how poorly prepared they were and how long they were without electricity. Electricity controlled everything from heat to gas for your car. I think you severely underestimate your dependence on modern technology for everyday conveniences.

    Let's say an EMP knocked out power for an extended period of time. Its not just that you wouldnt be able to blog, you wouldnt be able to watch anime, you wouldnt be able to see at night, you probably wouldnt be able to write in general (since I doubt that you do much if any serious writing by hand), you wouldnt have heat, you wouldnt be able to wash dishes or clothes, and I could go on and on with all the things you cant do without technology or electricity. The argument he is making is that we are already dependent on technology for so much to make our lives easier, so why not become completely reliant on it?

    Its not a broken system. I compare it to the garden of Eden. A society where happiness is achieved until death so long as you dont realize the forbidden knowledge (human depravity). This is generally true in all cases in the series. Even with Rikkako's father, the reason he died is because his passion was human depravity and expressing it in his art. The Sybil system robbed him of that by treating his mental state and this lack of stress killed him, but we do not know how he felt. With such a clear psycho-pass he may have been happy. Also this is just another theme of the series, reliance on technology. Rikako tells us that he was reliant on technology in regards to keeping up his mental health. Sybil system is relied upon to govern society without question etc...

    I see Akane as a pool of clear water. The more times someone touches it, ie the more she works as an Inspector, or with Kogami, or the more crime she sees, the murkier the water gets. Its possible she will end up different, but its also just as possible she is being used to demonstrate the progression of Kogami's descent into Enforcer status.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 11:02 a.m.

    True, but there's a bit of difference in that the Joker purposely used the theatrics to not only enjoy the depravity of humanity, but also show it to everyone in their face.

    Well I acknowledge that we have a deep reliance on electronics, but I argue that it's not a life-threatening reliance. It's like he's taking "I'll die without my smartphone" to a completely different level.

    I just don't like the system. It's easy to accept because it makes the masses happy, but would someone like me be branded? Just because I yearn for the truth? Because I can't be satisfied not understanding something? Not knowing something? That's just unacceptable.

    I see her more as a demonstration of someone who can overcome the pitfalls of being an Inspector...of course, I'm not opposed to something more dark. Showing that even someone like her can be corrupted in the way Kogami was...I just find that ending unlikely.


  • Sjcman

    Dec. 8, 2012, 12:04 p.m.

    See though you assume that by relying more on technology, he is in fact becoming more dependent on it to function while ironically that is not the case. Because his life functions are completely controlled by tech (which Makishima will use to kill him) he no longer has to worry about his health or really his life for that matter. That freedom from fear, which he discusses, allows him to expand his mind and ultimately become freer as a person which allows him to live more fully and more truly. The caveat is such freedom often disassociates the bearer from humanity.

    The Sybil system is no different that the world today. Make waves and people think your an annoyance and will want nothing but for you to go away. If you cant accept that system, then you cant accept the world as it currently stands. The reason people can accept the world as it currently stands is due to escapism. This blog, anime, drugs...pick your poison.

    The world isn't fair and people like you describe get screwed cause of it. If 99% of people have what the lifestyle they want but 1% don't and those 1% complain and want to change the lifestyles of the 99% to create a more suitable lifestyle then they are seen as annoyance, and generally are just wished to go away. Even if what that 1% wants if only just and fair, the 99% outweigh them and they know it and thus the 1% is demonized in the view of society

    Given my above explanation of how the Sybil System relates to the world i figured youd enjoy an ending where Akane becomes a rebel enforcer.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 12:15 p.m.

    But can he really live more truly? Haven't we established that this life without worry isn't what it's chalked up to be? He isn't any different than the guy trying to relieve himself from stress.

    I'm totally fine with the rebel enforcer too. But dark is always interesting if done correctly. I dunno...I just don't see a "fighting the system" ending for some reason.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 12:46 p.m.

    Its not perfect by any means, but it does allow him to live more freely. Just like the anonymity of the internet allows you or I to live more freely. Ironically, psycho-pass did an episode on this so I wont comment on it further, but I will explain one quote. The villain's obsession with characters not breaking character is a problem on a deeper level with people not acting like their true selves even when they have the means to without consequence ie they have the means to live freely and be their true selves but still refuse to be. However what he fails to realize is the possibility that humans can have more than one mask and that these characters are just one of many masks a human wears.

    I feel that if Akane doesn't have an ending like this, then her character remains stagnant throughout the season which from her thought processes and development we can see isn't the case.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 1:17 p.m.

    Maybe...I guess.

    I always figured that would be the point...she isn't changed by what happens to her.


  • Sjcman

    Dec. 8, 2012, 12:51 p.m.

    Btw this is slowly becoming my pick for best anime of fall 2012. The social commentary and the depths of human nature it delves into along with all the symbolism make it truly great and thought provoking while seeming almost superficial on the surface making it enjoyable to those that like deeper darker animes and to those who just want something simple to watch

    Shinsekai with its time skips is becoming way too erratic.

    Jormungand has been enjoyable but thats all

    Robotic Notes just cant live up to Steins Gate although from the anime Ive watched this season I have it ranked second just for the sheer cast of characters being so enjoyable.

    Zetsuen no tempest is actually pretty good, but it is slowly deteriorating into watching it for enjoyment and shock value every week which is fine and I like shows with established rules that have their characters abuse those rules in order to win a battle.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 1:18 p.m.

    I'm waiting to see where they go with the Sibyl System honestly...


  • Sjcman

    Dec. 8, 2012, 12:54 p.m.

    My prob with Shinsekai is that it has no idea where its going. It has 0 direction right now and all the time skips just make it more confusing. I get whats going on, but the author is just using time skips because he is lazy.

    He doesnt want to explain Saki getting mind wiped or Saki dealing with the loss of Shun so what does he do? Time skip

    He doesn't want to deal with the immediate results of regaining the Cantus through improper means and how they reblend into society? He doesn't want to create a suspicious atmosphere so what does he do? Time skip

    I mean its just annoying now.



    Dec. 8, 2012, 1:21 p.m.

    Time skip is definitely too excessive. They can't all be Kara no Kyoukai...


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