Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 9 are quite manipulative, aren't you? Reminds of another foreigner from some other show...with a similar appearance. Kind of a sad scenario. I assume she spent so much time around Mashiro that she found her own talent hopeless, so she's offended that Mashiro wouldn't fully use hers. Which is a nuisance because I feel like I know what that's like...make your life decisions with your own talents...don't worry about mine. Ryuunosuke finally appears...voice and behavior is boyish, but appearance is fairly girlish...I'm gonna call my initial prediction half-right and still plausible with lower probability.

He's basically the character I expected him to be and I'm totally fine with that. Was he always in the ending theme, though (sneaky bastard)? Anyway, I assume next week, Sorata may "realize that Rita might be right" and piss off Mashiro again. Then, he'll realize what he's really supposed to think or whatever. A normal scenario, but he's already made her mad and gotten her surely he wouldn't do it again, right? Still, seems like something that can be done in one episode, but there are still plenty left.

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