Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 9

This interpretation of time seems pretty similar to mine so far as I can tell. Under normal time interpretations, speaking to people in different time periods becomes paradoxical. For example, what if Hakaze found out about talking to the future and immediately stabbed herself? Then how could she speak with the future that she may have influenced? Maybe she was going to survive if that hadn't happened.

But if we think about time as a completely separate dimension, we have the amazing convenience of "isolation." The events from her dimension are completely separated from the future dimension (I'm still of the opinion that time is an extension of space). I don't really care so much for Yoshino's theory because depends very much on how much the Kusaribe magic can influence time travel. It's a mechanism of time travel and I only care about the theory behind time. But still...I wasn't expecting Yoshino to be able to use the boyfriend thing against Mahiro. Why does he care so much? Yeesh...

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