Space Brothers Episode 35

Well, I wasn't expecting a full episode for the first candidate, but I guess we haven't seen all that much about Kenji up until now (except for stuff about his daughter). I was getting a bit worried they were going through all of his background because they were gonna toss him aside. I'm glad he made I said before, he deserves it the most.

So that's one down...if we assume that two or three people are chosen, then I wonder if it will be the three that Hoshika predicted (Serika, Kenji, and Mutta). It kinda looks like it based on the preview...looks like Serika will get a similar episode. If it follows the same pattern, she'll pass too, but there's a scene in the preview that looks pretty dicey. Plus, they could have done Kenji first on purpose to lull into that false security. "Oh Kenji got a dedicated episode and he made it, so surely..." then they get us. Cruel indeed.

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