Little Busters Episode 9

And finally we have the second letter. Well, Riki's not completely dense...he's asking the right questions. Who could have written this letter with such accuracy? Possibility 1: supernatural being with the ability to influence or see the future. Kind of a strange one, but the likelihood is relatively high.

Possibility 2: orchestrated events...could be someone who is just observant enough to see these things (for example a girl reading silently by a tree or a nearly graduated guy with slightly mysterious activities during the day) or someone who is consciously causing these things to happen. Someone could have called all the lunch ladies away and asked Komari to go the shed (from the first letter).

There also seems to be a link between Riki's narcolepsy and the letters. The first incident was after they cleaned the shed and Komari joined...the second was after they finished saving the cafeteria. Is it just supposed to be an indicator that they did the right thing (this was originally a visual novel after all) or are they some sort of detection mechanism by him or does he maybe have some link to whatever supernatural being is causing this? There isn't much to go on right now, so the speculations are running wild.

Looks like next episode introduces another character...Nishizono from the last episode. I guess it's about time for her to be formally inducted into the team...not sure what role she could play, though. I guess we'll see how she turns out...wonder if they'll go into her problems or whatever.

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