Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Episode 9

I can't tell if they're moving fast with this love thing or not. Three episodes left and Rikka looks like she's just about to confess to Yuuta (unless he gets over his oblivious self and does it first). To be fair, he had no way of knowing that he hadn't overstepped his bounds somehow when he found out about Rikka's past. He knows that he didn't now, right? Now he can figure out what she's really feeling? Not really sure what to make of the "saving her" scene...interesting that he actually left her to run below and catch her.

Yeesh...what happens now? They go on a date? That certainly sounds like something Shinka would make Rikka do...Three episodes is just sort of a weird time frame. I can't figure out whether it's too soon or just late enough for the love parts to come out. I can't tell if there should be an interrupt...for example, a new character. My gut tells me it's too late for a new character...but (looks at OniAi). Still, now all that's left is for Rikka to become normal! She's getting closer...

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